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Guidelines for Double Blind Review

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Double-blind review. The paper selection will follow a double-blind review process, meaning that both the authors and reviewers will remain anonymous during the paper selection process.

All authors MUST adhere to the following guidelines to conceal their identity:

  • (1) Do NOT include any authors’ information such as name, affiliation, e-mail, etc. in the initial manuscript.
  • (2) Do NOT include any grant information or personal acknowledgments in the initial manuscript.
  • (3) DO NOT contact the technical program committee members to solicit input on your manuscript.
  • (4) All references including authors’ previous work should be referred to as 3rd-persons’ works. Work that is substantially related to the submission and has been submitted to another Conference/Journal, but has not been published yet, must be cited in an anonymized format. Do not cite patents.

[Wrong] “This paper proposes a new method to improve our previous method [1].” Reviewers can identify the authors via reference [1]!

[Correct] “This paper proposes a new method to improve XXX’s method [1].” Manuscripts that are not properly anonymized cannot be considered for review. In order to ensure compliance with the double-blind rules, please carefully review your initial manuscript prior to submission.

Note: First submissions not meeting these rules may be returned to authors without review.